5-year Afro-Nation deal: Akufo-Addo misled – Kwaku Asiedu

Entertainment pundit, who is also the former Marketing, Production and Public Relations Manager for Roverman Productions, Kwaku Osei Koranteng Asiedu has stated that the Akufo-Addo-led administration was misled to consent to the much-talked-about Afro-Nation deal, arguing that it is a purely Nigerian event that promotes her musicians.

According to him, Afro-Nation does not in any way serve the interest of Ghanaians, adding that an event that promotes Nigeria’s arts over Ghana’s cannot be considered a good deal.

Speaking with the Graphic Showbiz, Mr Asiedu said: “Perhaps, the President doesn’t even know what he signed up for because Afro-Nation doesn’t, in any way, serve the interest of Ghanaians. Afro-Nation is a purely Nigerian event promoting Nigerian artistes, hype men, DJs and providing jobs for the food vendors in other countries.

“What was even the performance percentage ratio of Ghanaian artistes compared to Nigerian artistes, hype men, DJs and vendors? The Nigerians dominated in every way. How does such a deal that promotes Nigeria and its arts over Ghana’s be a good deal?

“Nigerian entertainment gurus, Smade and Obi are the brains behind Event Horizon. Afro-Nation is not for Ghanaians and, so, we are promoting Nigeria and not Ghana”.

He questioned if events such as the Afrochella, which promote Ghanaian culture, do not deserve to be supported.

“Afrochella is a full Ghanaian event which promotes our culture, heritage and also provides business opportunities for Ghanaians along with the other events headlined by our artistes. Don’t they merit support too?” he quizzed.

Ghana recently signed a five-year contract to host Afro-Nation for the next five years.