Shooting of 2 Indian nationals an attempted assassination – Report

A chronology of events leading to what has been widely speculated as a robbery attempt on two Indian nationals at Tema Community 7 is beginning to unravel what was actually meant to be an assassination attempt.

According to new revelations by, the incident of December 27, 2019, was aimed at taking out the two businessmen who have since been identified as Francis Selvaraj and Mahesh Kumar Balan.

The victims particularly Francis Selvaraj, lived in Ghana from 2006 to 2010 before moving back to be with his family in India.

Francis was invited back to Ghana by one James Gnanaraj and Immanuel Paulraj to work with their company, Kingdom Exim Ghana Ltd; a cashew dealing company after working in the Nigeria branch of the same company.

Francis later quit his job at Kingdom Exim Ghana Ltd and returned to India due to some personal issues.

On December 10, 2019, Francis again returned to Ghana, this time with the intention of starting his own cashew processing company.

Following this, Francis and Mahesh registered a company and started off processes to fully establish their business.

The two were lodging in a hotel until December 17 when they decided to search for an apartment to rent. This was after they had made contact with a potential investor who was yet to arrive in the country.

On December 26, 2019, which was the day the investor arrived in the country, the two moved in to their new homes.

At about 8:45 pm the next day, Francis and Mahesh after fully parking into their new homes decided to go out for a drink.

It was at the drinking spot that gunmen riding on a motorbike with helmets covering their faces, pulled up at a close range and shot the two businessmen.

Mahesh, according to a medical officer’s report, suffered a deep penetrating wound over his left forearm whilst Francis took multiple bullets into one of his forearms, suffering multiple fractures of the bones.

Before the shooting of the two partners, Francis had received a call from a former Ghanaian colleague who told him that an ex-police officer, popularly known as Kobe had been enquiring about his locations.

A day before the shooting the two businessman say they recall a Toyota Corolla with registration number 9799 making several rounds in their area.

They also noticed the movement of two people by foot and on a motorbike patrolling their area on the morning of the day of the shooting. reports that Francis subsequently received a call from an unknown number to a number he had registered in the country and was supposed to be known to only his wife in India.

Francis at the time was going through rough times with his wife who he had accused of receiving remittances from James, his former employer.

But before leaving his former job, Francis had confronted James and Emmanuel over some illicit messages they had been forwarding to his wife; something he claims continued after leaving his former job.

After suffering injuries from what was meant to be an assassination attempt on their lives, Francis and Mahesh are counting their losses from the incident, as their potential investor also left the country without any interest in continuing his business partnership with the two.