UK assures Ghana of continuous exports despite Brexit

The UK Government has said there will not be any disruptions to Ghanaian exports as it prepares to leave the European Union.

This follows approval from the UK Parliament to finally exit the European Union, come January, 31.

There are still concerns among some major Ghanaian exporters, that their businesses may be affected because of the former trade agreements with the EU.

But in an interview, UK High Commissioner to Ghana, Iain Walker said there is no cause for alarm.

“As we leave the European we are looking at increasing our trading efforts with many countries around the world in particular our good friend Ghana, we want to deepen our relationship, broaden it in a way to grow trade”, said Mr. Walker.

He added that “Ghana needs to do in the years ahead exporting more exporting more processed goods; the UK is a great market for Ghana, its already one of the biggest markets for Ghana so our focus about through the UK Ghana Business Council has to be about how do we drive investments that will create jobs that will create products that will be sold in the UK.”

The UK is expected to leave European Union on 31 January, 2019 after the Queen rubber-stamps Brexit Bill.

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