2014 World Cup: I would have slapped Kwasi Appiah for crying – Malik Jabir

2014 World Cup: I would have slapped Kwasi Appiah for crying – Malik Jabir Legendary Ghanaian player Malik Jabir says Kwasi Appiah exhibited emotional immaturity and fragility by breaking down in front of players of the Black Stars at the 2014 World Cup.

Appiah is said to have burst into tears after some players hurled expletives at him during the tournament.

Despite confirming the rumours of unpleasant words directed at him in his new book, Appiah was silent on how he reacted to the insults. Contributing to a panel discussion on some revelations in the book, the former Black Stars players hit out at Kwasi Appiah for not stamping his authority on the team.

He reasoned that Kwasi Appiah should have exercised his power as a coach and sack the ‘disrespectful’ players from the team’s camp.

He observed that local coaches are not accorded the desired respect because they always fail to crack the whip on indiscipline players.

“I heard Kwasi Appiah wept over the misconduct of some players. If he was closer to me, I would have slapped him. Players should weep not the coach. I am the coach I should not weep, it’s the players who should weep. I have my policy if you will follow fine, if not, get out. Ghanaian coaches must take note now and believe in themselves”.

Malik Jabir also recounted how he dismissed Sammy Kuffour from the Black Stars camp for misconducting himself during the 2002 AFCON.

“Yes, I sacked him from camp, it’s about time our Ghanaians coaches take responsibility for their actions, Malik Jabir told Kumasi-based Angel FM.

“We drew against Sudan in our first match. We the technical team were there around 11:00 pm when the South African coach came and asked us whether we came for a funfair or what?”

“He said we should go to the disco and that some of our players were there. I asked Oti Akenteng and Osam Duodu to go and verify while I stay behind.
When the players saw them they took to their heels but Kuffuor never did.

“When he was questioned he said even in Germany they go to the night club.

The coaches returned but not with Kuffour. He came around 4:30 am and he was immediately sacked from camp.”