Even the gods have rejected Abronye DC

The gods are not foolish, they don’t behave like he Abronye. Listening and watching his nonsense on Adom TV, I laughed.

I grew up in Aflao in the 90s with my maternal grandparents called KPETSIGO. So I know issues of traditions and of this nature are well interpreted from the source.

Today Christianity and the concept of born again has made everything normal for people like Abronye to be running to the cemetery to exhibit their ignorance.

Abronye if he claims he believed in what he went to do should know better than what he went to do in the cemetery is just for the camera and political gimmick and not what people outside may think.

If truly he claimed he is innocent of the five excavators we are told have been given to him with the intention to move them to Kato in Berekum, Bono Region to start galamsey business because of the discoveries there, then he should do what he knows best to clear his name.

I am now a Christian and my Bible says, In Christ, old things have passed away if not so I also know what to do for the world to know whether Abronye actually took the Excavators or not but for now we will leave it to the Almighty God and his conscience. But I can assure him that, he will vomit the Excavators if he actually took them.

Abronye himself knows that the gods of the land have Rejected him that’s why he resorted to his drama by going to the cemetery to do the Nonsense he did.

Yayra Koku is an Ewe, a true Ewe for that matter so Abronye should ask of the origin and this History of all the gods he mentioned in his drama.

I don’t blame him because he is a very confused man in the Bono Region, also Npp should take his ailments seriously because things are not normal with the Abronye I know.Abronye DC curses NDC’s Yayra Koku over missing excavators

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