Dr Fidelis Landy, ardent critic of the Mahama administration writes: The Houdini change

I wrote against the Mahama administration because of corruption. NDC diehards would like me to use the word perceived corruption. But I would refuse because there was corruption all over the place. I stood against this corruption hoping for a change. The alternative was the NPP who promised us heaven and earth. I was sold and wrote for the removal of Mahama. Then came the NPP, the euphoria was huge. Martin Amidu (citizen vigilante) was appointed as the special prosecutor. We were all happy and optimistic, thinking that corruption was to be finally nipped in the bud and a new era was to be ushered in. This was the Houdini escapade.

First, was the movinpina tainted oil fiasco, then the Ken bonds double take. Not long after this was the PDS scandal. The president preferred to raise this issue in Angola rather than to tell Ghanaians whether this deal was right or wrong. It took one Kevin Taylor exposé for that deal to be abrogated. As to whether we still have access to the 500m+ of the American grant money is still debatable. Bissiwe who took a bribe in the Anas expose is yet to be prosecuted. No wonder the NDC has tagged the president a clearing agent.

Second, the fanfare that greeted the appointment of the Special prosecutor (SP) soon died down when Ghanaians were made aware that the office accommodation was not even available for the smooth functioning of that office. And that funds allocated in the budget could not be accessed by the SP. Thus making the SP a toothless bulldog. Barking at only the Ayarigas a small fish in the grand scheme of things. To make matters worse the supreme court is yet to determine whether the office of the SP is even legit given the circumstances surrounding the appointment of Amidu. I am forced to conjecture that Martin was used as a political poodle without any real intent to fight corruption.

The cedi is in free fall, all the government can do is to set up a 40 member committee in its last year in office to determine why the cedi is falling. Bullooni, this is a political stunt for all it is. The cedi has been falling for the past three years, why now a 40 member committee to determine the reasons for it’s the decline? Deception. To be seen to be working. It is simple: the reason why the cedi is falling is that we import almost every crap from outside, even tooth picks.

Why must we compile a voters register 11 months to an election at an astronomical cost of over 200+m? Even the Ghana National ID card the guys had more than 1 year to compile this simple exercise but I have been told that people in my household in Wiaga could not be registered and issued with the card. I was told they went and queued but only my younger brother had been able to get the card, which means my dad, mum my brother’s wife and kids could not get the NID. So what makes the EC think they can use only three months to register Ghanaians of voting age? I smell a sinister plan here. Strong holds of the NDC could be stifled. We need to resist this. If they had intentions to compile a voters register why conduct it in an election year, knowing very well the raining season can be severe? Is the EC a poodle or really independent?

For me the NPP and NDC won with that same voter’s register, if there are issues to be addressed, just update that same register by pruning all rough edges. To conduct a new register is a criminal venture and should be resisted. Waste it is. Ghanaians are still drinking water with animals, use that monies to provide clean drinking water for the people.

NPP now make Mahama look like a saint. Ghanaians would now be asking: do we bring back Mahama to continue with the infrastructural development he started but could not finish or continue with an NPP government who have borrowed massively but have nothing to show for? Cedi is falling (now at 5.6 to a dollar), corruption is high (going by the latest corruption index), friends and family government, 128+ ministers who are a drain on the tax payer, arrogant ministers who talk shit to the electorates and Kan Dapaah who in pajamas is being made to twist like a clown to the dictates of a slay queen.

We as Ghanaians don’t need this deceptive change. A president who sleeps in every international forum. I regretted supporting NPP to change what I perceived was bad, but now I can confidently say they are more than useless. It is for Ghanaians to decide though.


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