Kabilah Explains Why He Will Never Join NPP Or NDC


Acting General Secretary of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) James Kwabena Bomfeh known in political circles as Kabilah has opined that the two top political parties in Ghana will gladly accept him should he decide to join either.

According to him, it will be relatively easier and convenient for him to abandon the CPP for either the New Patriotic Party (NPP) or the National Democratic Congress (NDC) but, that is not part of his career objective.

Speaking in an interview on Happy 98.9 FM’s ‘Epa Hoa Daben’ with Afrifa Mensah, the politician disclosed, “ These two parties will accept me should I decide to join either but I will not jump on their shoulders to get to the top. That is not me.”

Regardless of the politician being on top of issues concerning both parties which would have made his assimilation to either easier, he has told himself never to do that. “I am ideologically opposed to the NPP and there will also be internal turmoil if I join the party. I may have the same ideology as the NDC but I feel there is a level of insincerity in the party making it unattractive to me.”

He noted that he has been tempted several times to abandon the CPP for either of the two leading parties in the country but he has heard a still small voice in him “telling me to hold on boy”.

Kabilah who has never for a moment regretted joining and sticking with the CPP disclosed that he has faced some trying times in the party but they have refined him into the man he is now.

The politician openly declared that should he quit active politics, he will at best become a political consultant and not tie himself to any political party.

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