Nana Konadu Is Special – Rawlings Speaks Fondly Of His Wife

Jerry John Rawlings says his wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, is so special, right from her young age when they first met at Achimota School.

According to Rawlings, Nana Konadu claimed he bullied her the first time they met on campus because he found himself with the seniors.

“She was special and she’s still special and for me, it had to be her. It was a privilege for me to be acquainted with her,” the former President told Kwaku Sakyi-Addo on Asaase Radio’s Sunday Night show on Sunday in part two of a longer interview.

Rawlings said he constantly tells his wife that he does not deserve her but at the same time, “nobody deserves her better than me”.

He added that he has been telling Nana Konadu that he would like to marry her again should they reincarnate back onto planet earth.

And she said ‘yea’ provided she comes as the man and he comes as the woman,” Rawlings said amidst laughter.

Having spent over 43 years together with Nana Konadu, Rawlings indicated that his wife has been his friend for a very long time, something most marriages today lack.

“Friendship is important and to be able to talk, exchange things, logic…Women are our partners and we must respect women enough,” he advised.

Rawlings explained that the love between them made him last long enough as the Head of State and President of Ghana.

He explained that the women at the time and for that matter, his wife was his backbone and “I treat them right.”

“People thought having three girls would make me tyrannical because I’ll be taking out my frustrations out on people…they didn’t realize that they [my daughters] were making me more and more compassionate,” Rawlings the “lover boy”, added.